August 4

The Sub-Domain And Title Of A Free-Hosted Blog

Image Credit to: Daily Host News
Image Credit to: Daily Host News

After choosing the topics for your blog, you now have a good basis for deciding on what sub-domain will you use for it. Sub-domain is the word that you will put infront of (domain name) in case of a free-hosted blog in Blogger platform and (another domain name) if hosted free in WordPress platform.

Let me add that the sub-domain, the domain name and a suffix (.com, .org, .net, etc.) will constitute the uniform resource locator (URL) or web address of your free-hosted blog as in or Complete URLs or web addresses are preceded by “http://” or “https://” in order to work.  Take note that the web address is not the title of your blog although many blogs have it as part of its URL.

In the course of my blogging on totally free Blogger and WordPress platforms, I used either my name/pseudonym or that of the organization I will blog for or the main topic that I will tackle in most of the articles that I will post in it. Here are some of the URLs or web addresses of my blogs in Blogger platform:


All of my above blogs are already inactive but you may want to click their links if only to see how they look. If you visit them, you would notice that I created most of them more than 4 years ago but they are already still online despite their being inactive for quite a while. This is an indication that Google, owner of, does not delete blogs for reason of inactivity.

I remember starting my very first blog in in January 14, 2009 as part of my self-study on blogging. I created Mga Samut-Sari Sa Buhay at with Sa Pananaw Ng Karaniwang Tao as its tagline. My very first blog only had 2 posts and I did not get to maintain it because after setting it up I decided to shift to a self-hosted WordPress blog with the help of one of our sons and my EdZee’s Net Logs was born.

The choice of the title for your blog is your ball game. You may even copy other blog’s title but I won’t advise that. Your title must, as much as possible, reflect your objective in blogging. For its tagline, it must say something that will emphasize where you are coming from. Remember that at your option, both your title and tagline will appear online and can entice repeat visits by your readers if they find your blog’s contents interesting. Can you now decide on your blog’s sub-domain name and title? For your sub-domain, prepare at least 3 choices because your would-be host approves them on first come, first served basis.


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