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Image Credit to: ShazBoy Dot Com
Image Credit to: ShazBoy Dot Com

You can read this write-up because you are online and depending on how much spare Internet time you decide to use in learning how to blog, you can soon be writing your own articles and have your own readers. Your long posts, comments and shares on Facebook walls, online forums and news websites plus your tweets and retweets in Twitter are indications that you can also blog. Blogging entails sharing your thoughts on topics and issues that interest you most so if you only have your own space to write them, believe me, you could be a damn good blogger.

After more than five (5) years of blogging, I cannot claim that I am already an expert in the field nor would I say that I am already making enough money online. Blogging can be a source of livelihood for some and yes, there are few bloggers who regularly make five-figure income they are exceptions rather than the rule. Today’s beginners in the trade have to accept the fact the days of windfall earnings on blogging have long passed.

To start with, you must not indulge to blog with earning fast money in mind. A desire to share knowledge and skills to an online audience without expecting anything in return should be the foremost catalyst for a netizen to decide to blog. Having the time to learn how to acquire the skill to be able to set-up and maintain a blog is the other requisite.

Here, I will write the ins and outs of blogging from setting-up a blogsite, deciding what to write, how to get netizens to come and read your blogs and possibly, I said possibly, how you will earn by spending your spare online time wisely. I will do so for the purpose of sharing the little that I learned about blogging. There is no surefire formula to make money online but who knows, you may find a niche and when that happens, I won’t mind having a free cup of coffee from you to celebrate the feat.

There is really no rigid plan on how I will go on with my own version of Blogging 101. As much as I can, I would like to have this site look like a reference book for would-be bloggers. Not much like a textbook or manual that gives the exact methods on how things are done but more like product brochure that gives the features and specifications of the item I want to sell.

Lastly, Blogging 101 For Noobs will be like a live presentation where the author or presenter is always available to answer your queries on the subjects at hand. As such, your comments on any topic in this blog are most welcome, highly appreciated and will be addressed immediately if needed.


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