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Free Hosting Of Blogging Sites

Image Credit to: Tech Knol
Image Credit to: Tech Knol

If you remember the definitions of blog and blogger in my previous article, you need to have your own website for you to do blogging and be called a blogger. Owning a website containing your own experiences, observations, opinions, etc., and often having images and links to other websites is what distinguishes a blogger from a commenter. As a blogger, you not only decides on the content of your blogsite but also the comments that you would want to appear below your article. This is a blogger’s main distinction versus a commenter.

As a pre-requisite to being able to blog, your question now could be . . . how can you have your own website and will it cost you some money? Don’t worry, the reason why blogs are being created by the thousands in a day is because there are many free options on having you own blogging site. You can google “free blogging sites” and the search engine would return plenty of results and choosing which one is for you could be difficult. There are many articles discussing the best blogging platforms on the web today but in this post, I will only describe and make you choose between the WordPress and Blogger platforms.

For our tutorials on how to set-up and maintain a blog, I limit the choice of blogging platforms to WordPress and Blogger because these are the only ones I had experienced using in my more than 5 years of blogging. I am not an expert on these platforms but I believe i know enough to be able to help you set-up your blogs in them. These two platforms are currently the most widely used for personal blogs so limiting your choice between the two is not a bad idea.

Now, let me quote some reviews and add my own experiences on WordPress and Blogger platforms as follows:

A) Blogger – Launched in 1999 and acquired by the multinational corporation in 2003, the blogging platform has been one of the most trusted and utilized of blogging tools of the last decade. Though incredibly easy to set up and use via a Google account, it’s enriched by a premiere host of customized utilities and design improvements carried out over the course of the last couple of years. – By Brandon Widder

I used Blogger since my early days of blogging and still have a few inactive blogs in its server like my old UNLEASHED: May Take On The News blog which has for its domain name. I find the platform more user-friendly than WordPress though a lot less customizable. The less tech-savvy among blog beginners prefers Blogger over WordPress.

B) WordPress – Has two options: a free-hosted service that provides domains — e.g. (but you can still pay to use your own domain) — and includes limited customization. Or the completely free .org version which allows for you to host WordPress on your own servers with much more control, edit themes to your hearts content, hack code and add as many WordPress plugins as you wish. – By Jon Russel

Simultaneous with my use of the free-hosted Blogger, I also started and maintained a self-hosted blog, EdZee’s Net Logs, since January 2009. Just recently, I started this free-hosted tutorial blog and another personal blog using WordPress platform at OpenShift by Red Hat.

I hope the above would strengthen your desire to blog and agree with my choice of Blogger and WordPress as blogging platforms to use in my tutorials. Rest assured that I shall be guiding you all the way till your blog is set-up and regularly updated or maintained. If you have any questions regarding the free-hosting platforms that we will use, do not hesitate ask them here.


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