August 13

Developing Good Habits By Would-Be Bloggers

blog keyAfter knowing what blogging is and who are the bloggers, you may now want to know what bloggers do aside from writing and publishing their blogs. There are regular activities of bloggers that would-be ones must practice and do even before they start setting-up their sites and begin blogging. Doing the activities until they become habits would be best for a would-be blogger to do. Here’s hoping that you will love to do the following:

  1. Reading and Commenting on Blogs – This is the first and foremost activity that a would-be blogger should learn to do. Also known as “blog-hopping”, you should try to visit as many blogs as possible especially those whose authors are known to you and whose topics are really interesting for you. Make sure to leave a comment at the blog of each blog using your real name or pseudonym as much as possible. In so doing and forming the habit of reading and commenting on blogs, you can expect the authors of the blogs you visited to reciprocate your efforts and get them to comment on your blogs, too.
  2. Clicking the Links in a Blog – Remember the definition of a blog saying it often have images and links to other websites? The links in a blog are intended to provide additional information about the topic being discussed so it is just proper that readers should click them and read the content of the referred website. It would be useful for you as a would-be blogger to learn how to include links in your upcoming blog.
  3. Googling and Attributing Information to Source – Googling means searching the Internet for information about a person, topic, etc. and a blogger needs to do a lot of this activity in order to come up with complete information on the topic of his blog. This is where most of the links on his blog come from. Having links to sources of his information is one way of attributing or considering it as made by the one indicated, especially with strong evidence but in the absence of conclusive proof.
  4. Learning How to Shoot for Images – Again, referring to the definition of a blog that says images are often present in it, shooting for images is a must-learn by would-be bloggers. With the current technologies on-hand, this is an easy job. Point and shoot digicams and smart phones are good enough for taking pictures or shooting  images to be used in a blog. Additional knowhow in cropping and enhancing images would be a plus for anyone who wishes to write an attention-getting blog.

While the above activities cannot guarantee success for the blog that you would decide to set-up, making them part of your regular activities online and offline would greatly help in your blogging. Having the tools needed to have a good start in any undertaking is a must to anyone. Do the above, develop them into habits and you are on your way to being a blogger.


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