July 25

Choosing The Topics For Your Blog

Blogging TopicsThere are a lot of topics to blog about but you do not want to be a “jack of all trades, master of none” blogger so you must decide right from the start what you will have in your blogs. What interest you most should weigh much in your decision on which topics to blog. If you are fond of eating and/or a good cook, it is logical that you create a blog about reviews of eating places or how to cook certain foods. For frequent travelers who have time to visit and take photos of interesting sites or events, reviews of the places where you stay, the foods you eat and the tourist spots you visit should be good topics for your blogs.

Instead of putting up my own list of possible topics from which a new blogger can choose from, I searched the web and found an article that enumerates 81 topic ideas for starting a blog that matters. I found the list to contain very interesting topics that newbie bloggers could easily find two or three of them to their liking. Go and take your pick. Choose topics that are familiar to you, those which you had experienced, those which are your area of expertise and those which you are passionate about.

As some sort of a guide, let me cite some of the exposures that you may have had and/or your current status then let me list down some topics listed in the referred article that you may opt to take for your blogging activity:

A) If you are a True Vegetarian, below are the topics for you.
1. Healthy Eating Tips
2. Community Gardening / Urban Farming
3. Vegan Diet

B) If you are good in Reducing Weight and Maintaining It, then take these topics.
1. Health & Fitness For Busy People
2. Body-Weight Training
3. Losing Weight and Feeling Awesome at Middle-Age

C) If you are a Sports Enthusiast, there are many topics for and here are some of them.
1. How to Train for a Triathlon
2. Self-Defense Training
3. Cycling and Urban Commuting

D) If you are a Life Coach or Psychiatrist, these topics should be helpful to your readers.
1. Personal Development (Passions & Pursuing Ambitions)
2. How to Have a Strong Marriage
3. How to Be Real and a True Friend

E. If you are a Professional Photographer then these are the topics you must consider.
1. Point & Shoot Photography
2. Sports Photography
3. Travel Photography / Videography

As I said, go and pick the topics that you would to blog before we start to create your blogsite. The list is endless but you have to choose topics that not only fascinate you but also those that you passionate to write about and share with your readers. Passion and willingness to share your knowhow should be the driving force in your decision to join the world of bloggers. If you want an advice on what topic to choose, kindly post a comment below stating your background and interests.


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